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Install Windows 8 from USB flash drive

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 9 - 2012

Installing operating systems from CDs and DVDs is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Be it Windows 8, Windows 7, or even Linux, you can install it from a USB flash drive. There are a few benefits to installing Windows 8 through a flash drive, one being it doesn’t waste CDs. Also netbooks are becoming more popular – some of them do not even have CD or DVD drivers installed on them.

While operating systems are moving away from a DVD based system, movies aren’t. Convert VHS to DVD and preserve your home movies.

Installing Windows 8 on a USB drive is easy with Win8USB. You’ll first need to download the developer’s preview of Windows 8 which is in ISO form. Next you’ll need to run the Win8USB software and format the entire USB stick with an NTFS file system. Find the ISO on your computer and extract all files to the USB stick. This step will usually take a long time for most systems. Not that this software requires Windows Vista or Windows 7 to work correctly.

In order for your computer to boot from a USB stick you’ll have to change the boot order. To do this change your BIOs settings to boot from a USB stick before the hard drive.

Windows 8

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