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iPhone Confirmed – Price = $600

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 9 - 2007

The long awaited iPhone has finally been officially announced. Yes it’s called the iPhone. Here are the basic stats on this awesome new toy.

11.6 mm thin
Appears to have 8 gigs of memory as seen in the images
Can tell if it’s being held vertically or horizontally. Will adjust screen accordingly.
Touch screen
Runs OS X – Supports widgets
2 Megapixel Camera
Bluetooth and Wifi
GSM Radio with EDGE
MULTI touch screen
$600 – for the 8 gig
$500 – for the 4 gig
Both of those prices are with a 2 year contract.
Shipes in June

The only downside I can see is it’s currently available under Cingular’s service. Hopefully they sell an unlocked version as well.

I’d be worried about battery life on such a neat toy like this. I expect a cell phone to last 15 hours at the absolute minimum. Over 24 hour battery would be a fairly nice feature.

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