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Linux Command Line WordPress Theme

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 21 - 2007

This is by far one of the most clever ideas I’ve seen for WordPress. It’s a Linux command line based theme. This does indeed mean that to navigate your blog, you’ll need to type commands. To list all the posts, simply type ls. Now from there you can click to see the post, and it will be injected on to the screen. It even has the startx command to bring up a normal WordPress theme.

CLI WordPress

Typing help reveals the avaliable commands:

gui, startx: Return to GUI (graphical interface) blog
ls, list: List all posts (ordered by ID/date)
search, find [search terms]: Search posts
read, cat, show [post_id]: Read post # (no post_id: read current)
comments: Read comments for current post
current, cursor [post_id]: Show current post_id (set if post_id
given, nearest higher if no post
latest, last, l: Move to and show latest post
next, n: Move to and show next post
prev, p: Move to and show previous post
first, f: Move to and show first post
random, rand, r: Show random post
comment, c: Leave comment on current post
categories: List categories
category cat_id | cat_slug: List posts in category
cloud: Display tag cloud
links: Show links list
date: Current date/time
cls: Clear screen
gpl, license: Show GNU General Public License
[post_id] | [post_slug]: Read post
login: Login (to admin)

When viewing posts, even the images show up with a green/black tint. Granted CLI doesn’t have images, but this is the next best thing. To my surprise Control C is almost fully functional. Instead just typing control will instantly finish whatever command is in place, without the effects.

The theme is powered by predominantly Ajax, so you’ll obviously need JavaScript enabled. I can’t imagine using this in a blog you’re serious about, but for showing off to your friends, it’s kind of cool. The theme works in Firefox, and Opera. Notice how I didn’t mention Internet Explorer. Who’s surprised? Not me.

TechnoBeta | Maker’s Blog | Theme’s WP Page (Download)

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