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Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 26 - 2006

Someone has posted malicious javascript on that pops up alert boxes, and redirects to The alert boxes were removed quite fast, but the redirect on is still there as of 5:58 AM Central time. More details can be found at PacketStorm. Apparently the author warned netscape about this flaw multiple times, and posted it on PacketStorm, so you can’t really feel bad for what happened. Upon visting you are greeted with the message “fuck” in an alert box, then it says “Hi to all you Diggers out there ;)”. It then repeats this. On going to you’re confronted with “this site sucks. go here instead:” and then redirects to I took screen shots of this before they deleted them so have a laugh at them :).

4 Responses to “ owned with XSS”

  1. naser says:

    Heh..amen to the hacker… Screw netscape..its the ole’ brawl all over again ( .. I’d like to see where it all ends.

  2. Morely Dotes says:

    Netscape and Digg are both irrelevant. The only thing seems to be good for is providing temporary email addresses for spammers. I am unable to find anything useful about Digg whatsoever.

  3. myName says:

    All relevant screenshots and such are removed… hail to the free world!

  4. Rub3X says:

    Sorry was moving files around on the server, they’re back.

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