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Opera 10.5 looks like chrome, performs faster

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 12 - 2010

I recently switched to Google Chrome and had just enough time to use it to download the beta copy of Opera 10.5. The Opera development team did a fantastic job with the user interface of the new build, but that’s just half of the good news. It’s also now faster than Google Chrome making it the fastest browser in the world.

The new interface of Opera looks and feels like Google Chrome, which to me is excellent. There are no more bulky tool bars, no bar on the bottom, simply two bars. One of them is for the tabs and the exit buttons, the other is for the navigation buttons and the address bar. The progress bar is built in to the address bar instead of on the bottom of the window.

Opera 10.5 task bar

A lot of time was spent integrating Opera in to Windows 7, but the outcome looks amazing. It utilizes Aero’s Glass flawlessly and looks a lot better than it does on Windows XP. The options men, book marks, widgets, and other things are located under one button in the top left corner. Windows 7 users can hover over opera in the task bar to see a preview of each tab. Hovering over that will give you a bigger picture of the browser window. You can also utilize Opera’s speed dial which can be used by right clicking Opera in the task bar and clicking your web site of choice.

Another new feature seen previously on other competing browsers is private browsing mode. It’s slightly more advanced than the Chrome and Firefox private modes. You can open a separate tab that’s private rather than putting the whole browser or window in private mode. You can also make a new window as well.

Opera 10.5 Beta

The speed of the new 10.5 build is incredible, making Opera the fastest browser in the world; easily. I opened the same comment threads in Google’s Chrome and Opera and the new 10.5 build consistently loaded pages at double the rate of Chrome. When Chrome first came out I was amazed at how fast it parsed Javascript and loaded websites. After trying Opera I’m just outright amazed at its ability to parse web sites at lighting fast speeds. It loads even the longest Reddit and Digg threads in a second or less! Want to know the best part about it? Opera now supports Adblock!

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