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Opera 9.10 Final Released

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 17 - 2006

OperaThe little known browser in the browser war Opera is soon releasing 9.10 of their browser. The build is compiled and ready to go, just sitting in their server’s FTP bin. While their front page hasn’t been updated with the new build just yet, it will be by Christmas. There is nothing major in this release, it only fixes minor bugs. Flash is now supported on UNIX, and there have been fixes for some languages. Among other things, their fraud protection is off by default. From their blog it says they are doing this because Opera is about choices.

However, it’s a new feature and we think users may need some time to get used to this idea, so we’ve made it an opt-in feature for now. Opera is about giving users the choice, after all.

I like their choice to keep it off. Most people that require a phishing protection to keep them from giving away their life savings, and credit card numbers to a Nigerian, will use Internet Explore anyhow. A full list of changes can be found by picking through their Desktop Team’s blog.

Installing this version doesn’t overwrite your previous installation. Instead it will prompt you for what to do. Your options are upgrade the 9.10, or to start a separate install. Opting to upgrade works fine, and I’ve not experienced any issues with it. The only thing I’ve noticed is its new ability to scroll horizontally, which is one of the noted changes.

If you’re not familiar with Opera, now is as good a time as any to try it, since it’s been ad-free for a while. I have nothing but positive things to say about Opera. In my opinion Opera is the best browser, between Firefox and Internet Explorer. There have been bench marks done which show its incredible speed, security, and web compliancy.

Download Opera for: Windows, Mac, or Linux

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