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Read old notifications on your Android

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 12 - 2014

Everyone using an Android at one time or another has accidentally cleared their notifications only to realize at the last second that they’ve cleared something they want to read later.  It happens all the time, large lists of notifications – text messages, missed phone calls, voicemails, app updates.  Sometimes the list gets a little overwhelming.  Fast clickers sometimes erase the notification messages without even bothering to read them, and at the very last second see something that catches their interest.  With Android versions => 4.3, it’s now possible to create an icon on your wallpaper that will allow you to see the notifications you’ve had since your phone has been powered on.

Whether it’s Caesars Casino games, a recent phone call, or a new text message, notifications pop up routinely on your Android powered phone.  Until now, there was no way to retrieve cleared messages.  If you have the correct Android version, follow these steps to get your old messages:

  1. Hold an empty spot on your wallpaper to bring up the add widget menu
  2. Scroll over to the “Settings” icon and drag it to your wallpaper
  3. When you drag it to your homepage you’ll be prompted with a list of stuff to pick from, choose “Notifications”

System Options
That’s it, simply click the icon on your desktop to view old messages.  The settings widget actually does some pretty cool stuff that you were probably not aware of.  You can set up any number of widgets to see the status of system services.  You can add one click access to VPN, Wireless, Location Settings, and much more.

It’s actually not widget a per se, but they do offer one click access to important system information.  Many system status messages can be seen by swiping down.  Wifi, sound, GPS, and Bluetooth can all be accessed with a swipe down.  However, the settings widget gives a lot more additional features such as VPN and mobile hot spot.


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