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Reivew: choosing between a laptop and a tablet

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 20 - 2016

When shopping for a new computer, one of the many questions you might have is should you go with a laptop or a tablet? Or, do you need both? When the time comes to buy, these are a few things which will help you to determine what the right option is for you, and what is going to offer the most flexibility for use, based on how you plan on using the device.


Both are portable; but, a laptop may require a case while a tablet fits comfortably in the hand. If you are using it for work, a laptop might be the clear winner. If however you want to stream video, type a few messages, listen to music, or do other trivial tasks, a tablet might suffice. Tablets are typically a bit smaller (under 11” size) while laptops can get up to 21” or a bit larger with some makers, so this becomes a bit bulkier in nature.


There’s no doubt about it, if you need quick speed, high performance, and precision (for work or school use) a laptop wins. It simply packs a larger punch for users. But, for general use, email messages with friends or co-workers, watching streaming video or listening to music, or general web browsing, a tablet will work for most users as well. For work/school, a laptop offers more; for general use, a tablet is a bit cheaper and is going to offer reasonable performance.
Laptop vs Desktop

Smaller battery size means better battery life; tablets will always win on this front. But, it might not be by much with smaller laptops on the market. With this being said, if you are going days on end without a charge, a tablet is indeed superior. If you only need a few hours of life at a time, your laptop (most of them) should get this much juice per use.


This is probably a big point for most buyers; laptops are almost always pricier. Unless you are looking for bare bones, the cheapest model out there, certain tablets will cost more. But, if your decision is based on price alone, tablets are typically going to be the cheaper route to go. If you are looking to purchase a tablet or laptop on credit then there are loads of retailers which offer credit options.

It is truly an evenly matched battle on most fronts. For work/school use, where higher performance yield is essential, a laptop is a superior choice. For general use however, such as watching video, email, playing games, both are quite equal, so the decision is going to fall on preference in terms of design, style, and portability for most users.

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