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Switching up the default iPhone theme

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 20 - 2012

If you have been an iPhone user since it came out then the default theme is probably getting pretty boring by now. Setting up a custom iPhone theme is free, easy to do, and can have advantages. Some themes are arguably easier to navigate than the default one.

Vertical themed interfaces are some of my favorite to use because of their practicality. Instead of having icons in rows and columns there are just rows with an icon and text that tells you what it is. Finding good artwork in your iPhone theme is important so it’s easier to navigate. Some themes have obscure icons that aren’t helpful in explaining what they do.

Evolution OS2 is by far one of my favorite iPhone themes. The text is easy to read and the icons are self-explanatory in their meanings. The lock screen, slider, and battery is all part of the theme file. Included in this theme are four widgets including both analogue and digital clock as well as a weather widget.

Evolution OS 2

Another nice theme to check out is Tenuis. It’s a nice clean cut theme with great clean artwork. It uses nice soft colors that are easy on the eyes.

Installing an iPhone theme

A lot of iPhone themes are not available through the installer and require you to manually install them. You’re going to need the installer app and Open SSH to begin. Next, open up WinCP on your Windows PC and find the IP address of your iPhone. Connect to your iPhone and navigate to /var/mobile/library/SummerBoard/themes (you might have to replace /mobile/ with /root/ depending on iPhone version. Inside the theme folder on your computer create a folder called icons and in there put your icons with proper names and spelling (capital first letters). Transfer the file to your iPhone and your theme should now show up in SummerBoard.

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