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Top Android apps of 2013

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 27 - 2013

It’s been a fairly good year for Android, with the number of apps in 2013 now crossing one million. After years of trailing iOS, Android is finally starting to surpass Apple in popularity. However, with its popularity comes a difficulty in finding the coolest apps. Here’s a recap of some of the best Android applications of 2013.


I know what you’re thinking: I haven’t used Digg since 2008, why should I care about their software. Well, Digg has actually come a long way since Kevin Rose sold it all those years ago. The site has new owners, and a new business model. Instead of voter driven content, it’s picked by an editor – and the content is actually really high quality. The Digg app, which came out around the same time Google Reader went offline is a mobile RSS reader. It allows you to store and organize RSS feeds and share them to your favorite social websites. The UI is easy to use, and the program is fast and clean. For those of you still using RSS, this app is the way to go.
Digg application for Android


This is probably the most useful app I have. How many times have you listened to a song and wanted to know the name of it for future reference. Well turn on SoundHound and let it listen to the song for a few seconds. It will compare that song to its music database and give you the name and artist and give you some recommendations on where to purchase it. It will also show you the lyrics for that song, and give you the latest news on that artist.

Zynga’s Holdem

I’m a sucker for card games, especially Holdem. Even though it was made illegal in the U.S, I still enjoy playing some cards for fun. If you’re not sure how to play, it’s very easy to learn how to play Poker game. However, while the rules are simple it still takes years of experience to become a skilled player. What I like about this app from Zynga is the fact that you can either play single hand games, or tournaments. You can also play with your friends and even gift them chips.


This won’t interest people outside of the web-master community, however, to me this app is awesome. Originally started by third party developers, this application was purchased by WordPress and made part of their official tool kit. You can easily create and edit posts, as well as manage a WordPress blog right from your tablet or smart phone.

Google Maps

This is probably one of the most used apps on my phone. Google Maps has saved me countless time, displaying real time traffic patterns, short cuts and new routes. Out of all the GPS applications I have used, this one is easily the best. The interface is easy to use, the program is short sweet, and to the point.
Google Maps for Android


Xabber is what Pidgin is for the desktop but on the Android. It allows you to communicate over the most popular protocols for IM conversations. Currently you can use all the big ones, Gtalk, MSN, and Facebook. This has all the major features of leading IM clients such as quick switch between chats, chat history, emotions, avatars, and hyperlink support. This full fledged client is a must for people who need to stay in touch.


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