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What are your reasons for using Os X over Windows?

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 24 - 2012

For over ten years Apple has been battling with Microsoft to take the lead in operating system sales. However, with the popularity of Macs comes viruses and malware which takes away the main reason of owning a Mac: security. Mac OS X users have been relying on security through obscurity since its release and that’s finally starting to come to an end with the release of many new Trojans.

Mac users have two main arguments for Os X, security and ease of use. With the recent Java exploit and Flashback Trojan, it’s pretty clear that the security argument is quickly going out the window. Many Mac users have argued that the security of their operating system was far superior to Windows. However, computer experts have always known that it’s only secure because the lack of user base.

Ease of use is another argument for using a Mac. However, I don’t think that argument has been relevant for a long time now. With the release of Windows 7, and the upcoming release of Windows 8, Microsoft has really stepped up their game. Some people might even argue that Windows is now as easy or easier than Os X.

Whatever your preference in operating systems, it’s clear that the virus proof Mac myth is coming to an end. With more and more people adopting to Os X, more people will be seeking to exploit flaws that have always existed. With awesome new features in Windows 8, the argument that Os X is easier to use is also quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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