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What to consider when choosing an Oracle DBA

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 17 - 2012

Running an Oracle database server can be quite expensive. Maintaining and understanding Oracle often requires many years of schooling and an incredible amount of time learning computer science. To save on costs many companies use an outsourced Oracle dba. For most companies this is the only option that is financially feasible.

Unless you run a large company with an even larger database, an onsite Oracle dba is usually not needed. Those with a smaller to medium sized database will still of course need the occasional assistance which is why hiring a remote Oracle dba is usually the preferred choice. Instead of paying a base salary to an employee every day, you will pay a consultant a low monthly fee or pay per issue. By using oracle consultants you’re guaranteed a professional who is certified to work with Oracle databases and has lots of experience doing so.

When finding the correct dba, there are a few things to consider. Privacy is the number one concern when dealing with sensitive information that’s usually stored in a database. Companies outside of the country your server is in are not bound by your countries laws. Privacy leaks are a much higher risk if your outsourcing company isn’t bound by those laws. Check for a list of previous clients your outsourcing company has had. Government oracle dba are typically very trustworthy and often handle government files. Read previous testimonials or reviews with the consultant of your choosing. Learn from other clients mistakes and make sure the company you choose is reputable. Lastly, make sure the technicians you choose are Oracle certified. Unless they have the proper schooling that focused on Oracle, they are not equipped to handle your information!

Remember maintaining an Oracle database does not have to be a headache, just take the time and pick a proper outsourced dba. Follow basic common sense rules when choosing your company and do not cut corners. Check the background and credentials of the company of your choosing and they will do the rest!

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