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Windows 8 – Changes, Tips, Tricks, How to

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 11 - 2012

This list is meant to inform you about major changes and features in the Windows 8 operating system. Everything from security to interfaces changes will be listed here, as well as tips tricks, and anything that will make the migration of Windows 8 easier.

Security – The security in Windows 8 is vastly improved over previous versions. Windows 8 comes bundled with what was previously known as Security Essentials. The metro style applications also help improve security by only allowing Microsoft approved apps.

Task Manager – The Windows 8 task manger has a bunch of new features including disk usage, better organization, and an app history section.

Closing Applications – Windows 8 handles the way you exit programs a bit differently in the metro desktop. Applications are handled in a similar manner as Android OS in the fact that they’re automatically closed when the system resources are needed by another app.

Lock Screen – The lock screen has some cool changes that include up to date information about email, calender events, weather, and more.

Start Menu – The biggest change in Windows 8 is the start menu or lack there of. This article helps you adjust to the metro style desktop and describes how to open files, apps, and change settings.

Metro Internet Explorer Pins – The metro version of Internet Explorer lost the ability to add bookmarks, instead opting for a pin system.

Metro Internet Explorer Tabs – Changing tabs can be a bit complicated for first time users of the metro Internet Explorer, here’s a comprehensive look into the switching and starting of tabs.

Install From USB – If you’re sick of using DVDs to install Windows 8, here’s how to install it from a USB thumb stick.

System reset or refresh – This describes your options when restoring your copy of Windows 8. What are the differences between a reset and a refresh?

Windows 8 Boot Time – Windows 8 significantly changed the way your system boots, thus improving the boot time to just seconds.

Modern Reader – Windows 8 now has a built in PDF reader called Modern Reader. However with limited features is it the right choice for you?