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WordPress Plugin To Reduce 70% Of Spam

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 9 - 2007

If you’ve ever owned a WordPress blog, you know that the amount of spam comments is ridiculous. I get a couple thousand spam comments per week, and checking through Akismet to find false positives would be nearly impossible. Shifting through comments, there is a clear pattern of spam. A lot of them use bbcode for forums (currently not supported by wordpress). Others simply put a hundred blogspot links in the comment area. This plugin simply blocks obvious spam comments using the following criteria:

  • Matching the bbcode pattern [url=]domain[/url]
  • More than 5 links in one comment (can be adjusted based on personal preference).
  • Contains certain words associated with spam such as Viagra (can remove and add words).

If by chance there is a false positive, the user is greeted with an error message telling them exactly what’s wrong, and what needs to be removed from the comment in order for it to be posted. Combined with Akismet, this is a powerful way to fight spam. This method blocks about 70% of the spam I receive daily. Using Trackback Validator cuts down on an additional 10-15% of spam. That plugin makes sure the people giving you track backs are actually linking to you before the track back goes in to the queue.

The spam filter plugin has a few cool features in the admin panel which helps control spam even more. It lists all the spam by words, and allows you to delete spam based on certain words. An example would be:

asphost4free (1) (delete spams with this word)

Asphost4free happens to be the iresonsible web host that’s allowing the spammers to host their trash. Clicking that link in the admin panel would allow me to delete all spam comments that have the word asphost4free inside of them. This also gives you a good list of keywords that you might want to consider blocking in the future.

The only thing I can suggest for this plugin is a better admin panel. Currently to adjust the link counts than can be in a post and the black listed words, you need to edit the PHP file manually. While not difficult, it’s definitely harder than simply clicking a few buttons in the admin panel :).

Via Cavemonkey

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