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Youtube Adds “TestTube” – Reveals AudioSwap and Streams

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 31 - 2007

TestTube“, as Google is calling its new feature of Youtube, is a public beta test area in which users can test some of their new concoctions. The first thing that caught my eye is AudioSwap. It allows you to take your existing Youtube videos, and overwrite the current audio with a song. The songs are licensed by the original artist, and hosted on Youtube with permission. Currently the selection of music is extremely limited, but I managed to find at least one good band. Unlike most Youtube videos, the sound that they’re allowing you to stream is superb. With a free youtube converter such as Vixy, I smell free music.

Youtube's Audio Mixer

The next upcoming(?) feature is Streams. It’s a chat room where users can talk and share video in real time. Some are pretty neat, and are only showing music videos. There are other categories, such as funny videos as well. Nothing really that exciting here. Judging by the average Youtube comments, these chat rooms will turn in to an AOL like free for all in no time.

If you wish to download music videos off Youtube, you can create your own mp3s from any video for free. This allows you to have a download button after every Youtube video and a one click download process.

Youtube's Streams

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